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Dylan O’Brien for Elle

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so ok mary lambert


  • is overweight. not “a little heavy” or “curvy in all the right places”, she is overweight and she owns it.
  • is gay, and from her first public exposure has been open about this
  • has bipolar disorder
  • is one of the coolest lyricists right now
  • has this song which is way more feel good than “all about the bass” or “shake it off” 
  • is super cute
  • image
  • mary lambert








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Wolf Moon Con - Best ever! + Sterek


Here’s a promised recap about the con (plus the Sterek “ban” events and more info about it). It was an amazing and super cozy con. For me, it was the best one since Wolfsbane 1 and rumours say, the cast absolutely loved it as well!

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To the anon who said "I bet everyone who's talking bad about Posey is a Sterek shipper"; well, you lost that bet. I don't ship anything, never did ever on any show. And yet, I think Posey doesn't know and doesn't seem to care about how to talk in public. He loves to embarrass people around him with fart, poop, dick and masturbation unfunny jokes, as if he's 12 and rebelling against mom & dad. I don't like Scott but he's more mature even though he's younger.







I personally think Posey has been unhappy with the show and the fandom for at least a year, and it’s becoming more obvious.

From a Hollywood POV, it’s quite understandable. He’s supposed to be the star, the focus of the show and the fandom. But Dylan is the one who’s breaking into other roles, while Sterek is, statistically speaking, the focus of the fandom. And the fans are becoming more and more fond of Hoechlin all the time, as he spends more time on the con circuit and we get to know him better.

There’s also the fact that Posey has been acting since he was a child, but hasn’t taken time off to go to college, as Hoechlin did. So he has more riding on TW, he doesn’t have backup experience or perspective. His 12-y.o. humor is because yeah, he *is* rebelling against authority, and he doesn’t have the maturity yet to do it in a, well, grown-up way. He’s 22, and it *really* shows.

The thing is though, I don’t know where people (and, I presume, him) are getting the idea that the main character is the fan favourite. 

There are SO MANY examples of that not being true.  

I mean, Buffy was never the fan favourite. That was probably either Willow or Xander. Make Spike in later years. 

In Arrow I think it’s fair to say that Felicity is the fan favourite. 

And, yeah, I’m only using two examples but that’s mostly because I think if I start listing shows where the main character isn’t the fan favourite I’ll never stop. 

Like, seriously, think about all your favourite shows and then think if the main character is your fav. Of course there are going to be many examples where they are, but there should be just as many examples where they aren’t. 

Plus, look at the kind of character Scott is. He was never going to be a fan favourite. 

He isn’t either tragic enough, mysterious enough, sarcastic enough, funny enough to be a fan fav and some mixture of those things tend to be what goes into making a fan fav. There’s other stuff, too, like just the right person getting the right part and having the right chemistry with the right person. Sarcasm, snark and banter are also key. There are lots of elements that go into being a fan favourite but Scott never had the right combination.

The fault in that doesn’t lie in fandom, it lies in with the writer(s) of the show, since they were the one(s) who decided what kind of character Scott was going to be.  

For a lot of people (not everyone, obvs, but a lot of people) Stiles and Derek are just more interesting characters, so of course fans are going to be more interested in their struggles, their triumphs, their highs and their lows. 

Scott… doesn’t really have any struggles or any lows. Certainly none like Stiles, Derek and probably Allison and Lydia have. Or, at least he hasn’t so far. Season 4 does seem to be changing that. Maybe. Hopefully. 

People don’t like Posey because he’s painfully unprofessional. Even when the others dick around, they do have moments when they’re serious. It is literally cringe worthy to watch. Sometimes I laugh while I cringe but there’s only so much secondhand embarrassment that I can take even if he’s immune.

The addition of bitterness just sours the situation. There are characters that I hate in shows, but I adore their actors in interviews. Okay, maybe Posey is disappointed that he’s not the fan favorite - and by playing a presumably adorable hero main character he assumed it would swing severely in the other direction. 

But newsflash about fandom: our adoration must be earned. We’re not going to love you just because your name is on the title sequence. We may not even love you because your story arc makes us feel things. You yourself have to present us with something more than a sunny smile and a joke.

Respect is a given. Love and devotion is not. And making it clear that you resent us for it is at both counterproductive and not our problem.

I really tried to like him after his Sterek tantrum again and I almost made it but he fucked up okay. Multiple times. He’s just immature and pathetic and ridiculous and he doesn’t give us any reasons to treat him the way he wants.

I definitely totally dislike him at this point. I still like Scott even though he also got his problems, but pls don’t talk with me about Posey he’s the worst. (and with that I mean pls talk with me about Posey but don’t expect me to say anything nice.)

I’ve said some of it to a lot of people in discussions topics about Tw and his main character. Scott isn’t a complex character, he is a kid who was turned into a mythological creature, that got a little trouble, but he has mom and dad, he has a girlfriend, he has a best friend that drops ANYTHING to go help him and in all the process made two other friends, and a lot of allies. He has faults, [ that a lot of people don’t see] but they’re not prominent, he is flatty, he lacks salt, and the only ones to blame for it are the creators. Because compared to the spaz, hyperactive, smart mouth and brilliant teenager without mother is a HELL lot better constructed than him, who’s at fault?

If a born werewolf with shades of creepy, beastilly beautiful and broken, that lost his whole familly and was deceived for almost all the persons in his life[ includding Scott] is better constructed than him, who’s at fault?

If the love interest girl, is always a badass motherfucker fighter who that handles guns or swords, are always sweet, funny and fearles, and a lot more interesting than him, who’s at fault/

The girl was supposed to be brainless, only like beautiful jock boys is in really a math gennius, sarcastic, carismatic who was troubles in home, that was mentally and physically abused and a hell more interesting than him, who’s at fault?


But above all things Tyler Posey make easy not love him. Personally I used to like him, and dislike Scott, and just when I was learning how to like Scott, posey fucked everything up for me. I used to tag him like ‘Tyler Wonderful Posey Everyone’ because I truly believed that he was a goofy cutie patootie.

The first time TP broke my heart I cried for two hours straight because I was ashamed that someone could think that something that I put so love into, and that helped me thought the days I could hardly breathe was weird, twisted and bizarre. I was ASHAMED FOR BEING.

I’m a black pansexual girl that already have gone thought a lot of prejudice in my like, get on a fandom, that is a place that should be a family and a comfort, a place to feel safe and happy- and get it, I HAVE IT ALL- but have to go through and see my loved ones go through it. is awful in all senses. Because if someone shame you in real life you can discuss, you can try and change the personal worldview, it would not work, but you get to try. You get to fight, you get to defend yourself and your loved ones. HOW YOU DO THAT WHEN A FAMOUS PERSON MOCK AND DISRESPECT YOU AND YOUR LOVED ONES?

You dont. You will be sad, you’ll be hurt, you’ll rage, but only people like you will hear you, You’ll have to hear for people who should be hurt like you that it was your fault that because you didn’t love him, you made him feel unappreciated, so you should really be ashamed. You’ll be hurt twice.

But time goes, and for myself I blocked him, his posts, his pictures, everything tagged about him, if he can’t respect you, he don’t deserve your love.

And then he strikes again, he is rude with another fan, he mock a question a fan question, laugh at fan works, and gives no credit to the team that not only was kind to the fandom, cast and creators, that did charity, not to be on the shine spot, but to help people, who stayed in the shadows and ironically donated money in his name. He gave the award that those people - even though they will not receive, have earned -to another person, that was there in the right time.

Tyler Posey was nothing but disrespectful and uncaring to the sterek fandom, that I am part, and have NONE problem in tell to anyone, I’m sterek shipper first and teen wolf fan - not anymore- latter Because while the first gave me a family, friends that I can call crying when i’m in my worse, that share with me laughs in my better moments, Teen Wolf gave me homophobic people to try to talk, sad and hurt with character deaths, a lot of plot holes and a hole lot of frustration. It gave me a cast to love, yes, it gave me two awesome actors with a ‘undeniable chemistry’ to ship yes, but at what cost?

The cost of being trodden down, ashamed, queerbaited, mocked and then thrown in the trash.

So yeah, I don’t like Tyler Posey. I won’t say shit a bout him, I won’t spread hate, I won’t shame you for like him, and I will respect you view. But for myself, I don’t like him, and I probably never will like him again.


Comparison of the fantastic Doctor Who Parody by The HIllywood Show® against the real thing.

thehillywoodshow did such a brilliant job!  If you haven’t already seen the parody video, please do yourself a favor and go check it out!


"She’s really pretty for a black girl"


“He’s really cool for a gay guy”


“She’s doing really well for a woman”


An open letter to anyone involved in that mockery that was reading Teen Wolf fanfiction only to make fun of it.





Congratu-fucking-lations to Clever TV (whatever the fuck that is), Jeff Davis and the Teen Wolf Cast who were involved in that frankly ridiculous and mean display of reading aloud snippets of fanfiction.





Doctor Who Parody by The Hillywood Show®

GUYS!  DOCTOR WHO just reblogged our Doctor Who Parody!

I’m the happiest Time Lord ever right now.  

I can die…I mean regenerate happy now.

P.S. Just realized this has almost 20,000 notes?!  Beyond thankful and so happy!  THANK YOU so much!  Keep sharing!  x







it’s hilarious how cora was written as erica’s replacement with pretty much the same character sheet and like the writers just seem really concerned with pairing stiles off with a girl

Do you know what I just realized? The Teen Wolf writers are gross.
Oh wait, I realized that ages ago.

1. Erica (Derek’s beta) was supposed to be Stiles’s love interest, but they realized the chemistry wasn’t there, or saw the chemistry with Erica and Boyd…I don’t remember the reason, but they decided not to go that direction.

2. Cora (Derek’s sister) was a direct Erica replacement and was supposed to be Stiles’s love interest. Cora, in addition to being an Erica replacement, was basically created as a female Derek (Stiles points out their similarities MULTIPLE TIMES) who would therefore be fully prepared for a relationship with Stiles after a few exchanges. Derek, however, being male, doesn’t count regardless of even more chemistry-charged interactions. Because guys can’t like guys unless it’s explicitly stated and triple-signed in front of witnesses. A guy and a girl on screen, though, automatically equals romance-in-the-making. Nevermind that Cora had more palpable chemistry with Lydia than with Stiles. Stiles’s primary romantic moment with Cora? Giving her mouth-to-mouth while she was dying and unconscious.

3. Malia (Derek’s cousin) is a replacement for Cora/Erica and finally gets to be the love interest who has sex with Stiles after punching him in the face and barely talking to him.

They are DETERMINED to make Stiles the leading romantic role at this point, which (a) doesn’t even make sense for his character and (b) necessitates a constant stream of ladies making out with him. They’re also determined to keep writing interchangeable female characters whose primary role is to be the love interest.

I am so fucking pissed off at the show at this point, and just….tired of it. Really exhausted by continuing to care about it and hoping that it can do better. I’m also never not going to be angry about them teasing Stiles as bisexual since early in season 1, talking about the importance of bisexual visibility and promising it was something they cared about, setting up his bisexuality as “a spoiler,” giving us a “funny” exchange with Caitlin in 3B about whether he liked guys, and then completely ignoring that aspect of his character because a wink at the camera was sufficient and it’s more important for him to have sex with the latest Hale-female.

I gave the writers the benefit of the doubt after the Caitlin scene, because I had the stupid optimism to hope they were actually taking it somewhere. Too bad this show’s shitty at character development and likes to set up the canonical romances in the most problematic scenarios possible.


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